One World, One Love! Again this year we will have one big US or Canadian pools.

Entry fee is $2.00 (cheap!) - Enter as many times as you like! Even 50 times! Like some people!

Deadline for entries is 11:00am CDT, March 21, 2024. Your entry (or email) must be received by that time. Web server time is the deciding factor -- BE EARLY!!

You must pick 10 teams that are seeded 3rd or lower.

You can also pick one #1 seed, and one #2 seed team for a total of 12 teams.
(You are allowed to pick 3rd or lower seeds in lieu of your 1st or 2nd seeded teams if you really want to - your extra 2 picks don't have to be a 1 or 2 seed)

For the purposes of the pool, the play-in games DO NOT count as part of the tournament.

First place overall gets 75% of the pot PLUS a free entry into next year's pool!!!

Second place overall gets 25% of the pot!!!

The last place finisher (with at least ten wins) also gets a free entry into next year's pool.

In the event of a tie, we choose the winner based on the following criteria:
1. Whoever's team(s) stayed alive the longest in complete rounds. Note: The Final Four champ is considered to have stayed alive until the 7th round.
2.Whoever picked a lower seeded team (16 is lower than 1)
3.Whoever's #2 seeded team stayed alive the longest in complete rounds.
4.Whoever's #1 seeded team stayed alive the longest in complete rounds. 5.Split the money

If a team is disqualified DURING THE TOURNAMENT (for ineligible players, etc.) and the NCAA rules that it should lose any or all of its victories, then whoever picked that team will have their results changed to match the NCAA ruling.

If a team is disqualified AFTER THE TOURNAMENT (We consider the tourney over when the final game is complete), then the disqualified team's results will STAND.

This pool is open only to friends, friends of friends, maybe some of their friends, and Dickie V, Clark Kellogg, Bill Raftery, Gus Johnson and Tubbie Smith. That is, no strangers or un-awesome people in the pool!

100% of entry fees are paid out! No 'admin' fees charged.

Any rule decisions by Bill and Joe are FINAL. Remember the golden rule - this is a fun pool.