Responsive Tables by ZURB


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Name Entry Name Wins Still In High Seed Country Company
Todd BurtonStang2549City of Brandon
Bill Preachuk-VitaleHusker Trophy winner2348Qlik
David Mitchell-DueckWeasel McDuck2345Kesitah Systems
David Mitchell-DueckDuck Vitale22314Kesitah Systems
Howard KoksMoney22313
MATLOCKI Know Zero About Hoops2238
Joe WeaselWeasel Pick2235CL
Parris VitelaNeed the win!2227Retired
Tom ChubatyBadger Best21411Retired
Jo-Anne TysoskiMadness2146
Darcy SpencerI'm still kicking Baby!2135Retired Baby!
Darcy SpencerDr JN would be proud2135Retired Baby!
Bill Preachuk-VitaleWeasel Picks2135Qlik
Kyle PetersArthurs Alumni II21212PSS
Darcy Spencer1 more kick @ the cat2025Retired Baby!
Kyle PetersArthurs Alumni III2016PSS
Stan MajowskiMadness 119312Paradigm
Tom ChubatyBadger Tom1929Retired
Parris VitelaArizona's Back1927
Tom ChubatyBadger NOT UConn1917Retired
Pete Schmulandschmulander18315City of Brandon
Greg FriesenFritz31838Purolator-Retiree
Greg FriesenFritz11838Purolator-Retiree
Tom ChubatyBadgers Best18212Retired
Ron FedusiakKfed 18212CL
Troy ChristensenBruins1829purolator
Ron FedusiakRfed 17312CL
David Mitchell-DueckDavid Three-Names17213Kesitah Systems
Troy ChristensenDawson17212purolator
Joe VitaleTrophy Winner17212CL
Rob AdamsJoe&Bill exciting as Biden &Trump17211Rafter One
Dan NeufeldMcBuckets17112Retired
Troy ChristensenDayton1719purolator
Troy ChristensenRocky16314purolator
Sean FedusiakTitty Committee16312Canada Life
Stan MajowskiMadness 316213Paradigm
Rob AdamsThree for the Win16212Rafter One
Kyle PetersArthurs Alumni I1628PSS
David Mitchell-DueckDuckspert16112Kesitah Systems
Greg FriesenFritz21618Purolator-Retiree
Dan NeufeldBeyond the Arc1617Retired
Todd Burton23 Winner15312City of Brandon
Dan NeufeldTime to Dance15213Retired
Tom ChubatyBadger Upsets15213Retired
Willberto "Jaysker" VitaleIf only Nebraska wasn't in Houston's bracket15116Bad
Joe No ClueNot a Single Clue14212CL
Rob AdamsBrilliant14212Rafter One
Ron FedusiakSafed 14112CL
Greg FriesenFritz414112Purolator-Retiree
Todd BurtonAlpaca14111City of Brandon
Ron FedusiakSfed13113CL
Dan NeufeldDawgs13012Retired
Stan MajowskiMadness 213010Paradigm
Dan NeufeldPhi Slamma Jamma1208Retired
Tom ChubatyBadger Strong11112Retired
Sean FedusiakCougars11015Canada Life
David Mitchell-DueckBizzer Beater10015Kesitah Systems
Joe UpsetUpset Specials9016CL