Responsive Tables by ZURB


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Name Entry Name Wins Still In High Seed Country Company
David Mitchell-DueckDuck Vitale17814Kesitah Systems
Howard KoksMoney17713
Todd BurtonStang1779City of Brandon
Parris VitelaNeed the win!1777Retired
Kyle PetersArthurs Alumni II17612PSS
Bill Preachuk-VitaleHusker Trophy winner1678Qlik
MATLOCKI Know Zero About Hoops1678
Tom ChubatyBadger NOT UConn1677Retired
Kyle PetersArthurs Alumni III1676PSS
Darcy Spencer1 more kick @ the cat1675Retired Baby!
Darcy SpencerI'm still kicking Baby!1675Retired Baby!
Darcy SpencerDr JN would be proud1675Retired Baby!
David Mitchell-DueckWeasel McDuck1675Kesitah Systems
Joe WeaselWeasel Pick1675CL
Bill Preachuk-VitaleWeasel Picks1675Qlik
Parris VitelaArizona's Back1577
Dan NeufeldMcBuckets14612Retired
Ron FedusiakKfed 14612CL
Tom ChubatyBadger Best14611Retired
Tom ChubatyBadger Tom1469Retired
Troy ChristensenDayton1469purolator
Troy ChristensenBruins1469purolator
Jo-Anne TysoskiMadness1466
Tom ChubatyBadgers Best13612Retired
Rob AdamsJoe&Bill exciting as Biden &Trump13611Rafter One
Willberto "Jaysker" VitaleIf only Nebraska wasn't in Houston's bracket13516Bad
Pete Schmulandschmulander13515City of Brandon
David Mitchell-DueckDavid Three-Names13513Kesitah Systems
Stan MajowskiMadness 313513Paradigm
David Mitchell-DueckDuckspert13512Kesitah Systems
Greg FriesenFritz413512Purolator-Retiree
Stan MajowskiMadness 113512Paradigm
Todd BurtonAlpaca13511City of Brandon
Greg FriesenFritz21358Purolator-Retiree
Greg FriesenFritz31358Purolator-Retiree
Dan NeufeldBeyond the Arc1357Retired
Troy ChristensenDawson13412purolator
Troy ChristensenRocky12514purolator
Tom ChubatyBadger Upsets12513Retired
Joe VitaleTrophy Winner12512CL
Rob AdamsThree for the Win12512Rafter One
Ron FedusiakRfed 12512CL
Greg FriesenFritz11258Purolator-Retiree
Kyle PetersArthurs Alumni I1258PSS
Ron FedusiakSafed 12412CL
Dan NeufeldDawgs12412Retired
Stan MajowskiMadness 212310Paradigm
Ron FedusiakSfed11513CL
Dan NeufeldTime to Dance11513Retired
Rob AdamsBrilliant11512Rafter One
Joe No ClueNot a Single Clue11512CL
Sean FedusiakTitty Committee11412Canada Life
Dan NeufeldPhi Slamma Jamma1148Retired
Sean FedusiakCougars10415Canada Life
Todd Burton23 Winner10412City of Brandon
Tom ChubatyBadger Strong9412Retired
David Mitchell-DueckBizzer Beater9315Kesitah Systems
Joe UpsetUpset Specials9216CL