2023 NFL Rank 'Em Pool

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Week Eighteen Detailed Picks

RankTeam NamePointsPicks
1BIG BEN107CIN (15)DET (8)GB (12)JAC (3)HOU (5)LV (7)BUF (6)NE (2)NWO (11)PHI (13)SEA (9)LAC (1)SF (10)DAL (16)TB (14)PIT (4)
2Joe Malone106CLE (14)DET (13)GB (10)TEN (12)HOU (7)LV (6)BUF (5)NYJ (2)NWO (9)NYG (15)SEA (8)KC (4)LAR (3)WSH (16)TB (11)PIT (1)
 Go Vikes106CIN (12)DET (13)CHI (5)TEN (1)HOU (2)LV (14)BUF (9)NE (8)NWO (15)NYG (11)ARI (4)KC (3)SF (6)DAL (16)TB (10)BAL (7)
 WaterGirl106CIN (14)DET (11)GB (13)TEN (7)IND (5)LV (8)BUF (12)NE (6)NWO (15)PHI (10)SEA (9)LAC (4)SF (2)DAL (16)TB (1)BAL (3)
5PDub105CIN (11)DET (10)GB (9)JAC (6)IND (4)DEN (3)MIA (2)NYJ (7)NWO (13)PHI (15)SEA (8)KC (5)SF (1)DAL (16)TB (14)PIT (12)
6BriKor101CIN (13)DET (14)CHI (1)JAC (9)HOU (6)LV (8)BUF (10)NE (4)NWO (12)PHI (11)ARI (2)LAC (3)SF (5)DAL (16)TB (15)PIT (7)
7Wizard of OZ100CIN (12)DET (11)GB (1)JAC (13)HOU (3)LV (4)BUF (10)NE (9)NWO (8)PHI (14)SEA (5)KC (7)LAR (2)DAL (16)TB (15)PIT (6)
8For the W98CIN (1)DET (11)GB (8)JAC (14)HOU (9)DEN (2)BUF (12)NE (4)NWO (5)PHI (15)SEA (7)LAC (3)LAR (6)DAL (16)TB (13)PIT (10)
9Foxboro 97CIN (11)DET (14)GB (8)JAC (10)HOU (3)LV (7)BUF (5)NE (1)NWO (12)PHI (13)SEA (6)LAC (2)SF (9)DAL (16)TB (15)BAL (4)
10Kevin Williment95CIN (15)DET (13)GB (6)JAC (10)HOU (2)LV (8)BUF (4)NE (1)NWO (9)PHI (11)SEA (3)LAC (7)SF (12)DAL (16)TB (14)PIT (5)
11polishtornado 93CLE (10)DET (7)GB (6)TEN (1)HOU (4)LV (9)MIA (2)NE (5)NWO (8)PHI (11)SEA (16)KC (12)SF (15)DAL (13)TB (14)PIT (3)
12Dacl91CIN (4)DET (13)CHI (7)TEN (6)IND (1)LV (12)BUF (15)NE (2)NWO (11)PHI (9)ARI (10)LAC (8)SF (5)DAL (16)TB (14)BAL (3)
 Cheeseman91CIN (2)DET (16)GB (15)JAC (7)IND (8)LV (5)MIA (3)NE (4)NWO (14)PHI (12)SEA (6)KC (9)SF (11)DAL (13)TB (10)PIT (1)
14kernel90CIN (11)DET (16)CHI (7)TEN (6)HOU (1)DEN (9)MIA (8)NYJ (15)ATL (4)PHI (5)SEA (14)KC (13)SF (10)DAL (12)CAR (3)PIT (2)
15Olby1488CIN (11)DET (14)GB (15)JAC (7)HOU (4)LV (8)BUF (2)NE (10)NWO (6)PHI (13)SEA (9)LAC (1)SF (12)DAL (16)TB (3)BAL (5)
16Mama Bear87CIN (15)DET (9)GB (8)JAC (14)IND (1)LV (3)BUF (5)NE (4)NWO (10)PHI (11)SEA (2)LAC (7)SF (12)DAL (16)TB (13)PIT (6)
17Kirk O’ Chains86CIN (12)DET (13)GB (4)JAC (9)HOU (2)LV (7)BUF (1)NE (10)NWO (6)PHI (15)SEA (8)LAC (5)SF (11)DAL (16)TB (14)PIT (3)
18Geddy 85CIN (12)DET (11)GB (14)JAC (8)IND (5)LV (9)BUF (1)NE (10)NWO (3)PHI (4)SEA (6)LAC (7)SF (15)DAL (16)TB (13)BAL (2)
19Carli Josephson83CLE (1)DET (10)GB (11)TEN (3)HOU (6)DEN (4)MIA (7)NYJ (2)ATL (5)PHI (15)SEA (12)KC (9)SF (13)DAL (16)TB (14)BAL (8)
 Gino Guarino83CIN (3)DET (4)GB (5)JAC (6)HOU (1)LV (7)BUF (8)NE (9)NWO (10)PHI (11)SEA (12)LAC (13)SF (14)DAL (15)TB (16)PIT (2)
 Tosh 2.183CLE (13)DET (10)GB (5)TEN (4)HOU (14)LV (3)BUF (2)NE (6)NWO (9)PHI (11)ARI (1)KC (8)SF (7)DAL (16)TB (12)BAL (15)
2240 Love81CIN (15)DET (12)GB (7)JAC (11)IND (4)LV (5)BUF (9)NE (2)ATL (6)PHI (10)SEA (3)LAC (8)SF (13)DAL (16)TB (14)BAL (1)
 MATLOCK81CLE (2)DET (15)GB (9)JAC (8)IND (10)LV (14)BUF (7)NE (6)NWO (5)PHI (13)ARI (1)KC (16)SF (4)DAL (12)TB (3)BAL (11)
 Jack Black81CIN (3)MIN (8)GB (16)JAC (12)IND (5)DEN (9)BUF (10)NYJ (2)ATL (1)PHI (14)SEA (11)LAC (6)LAR (7)DAL (15)TB (13)PIT (4)
 Robert Solmundson81CIN (3)DET (6)CHI (7)JAC (8)IND (4)LV (2)BUF (1)NE (9)NWO (10)PHI (16)SEA (12)KC (15)SF (11)DAL (14)TB (13)PIT (5)
26Ed Hunter80CIN (12)MIN (4)GB (8)JAC (9)IND (7)LV (5)BUF (10)NE (11)NWO (13)PHI (14)ARI (3)LAC (2)SF (6)DAL (16)TB (15)PIT (1)
 Patsforlife80CIN (2)DET (3)GB (10)JAC (1)IND (11)LV (8)MIA (12)NE (13)NWO (14)PHI (15)SEA (6)KC (7)SF (4)DAL (16)TB (9)PIT (5)
28codyb78CIN (11)DET (15)CHI (12)JAC (7)HOU (6)LV (14)BUF (5)NE (10)NWO (9)PHI (13)ARI (3)LAC (8)LAR (2)DAL (16)CAR (1)BAL (4)
29Darin Metcalf77CLE (9)DET (11)GB (8)JAC (4)IND (6)LV (5)BUF (15)NE (1)ATL (3)PHI (14)SEA (7)KC (13)SF (10)DAL (16)TB (2)BAL (12)
 Down! Set! What?77CIN (6)DET (13)GB (12)TEN (5)HOU (15)LV (4)MIA (14)NE (3)NWO (11)NYG (2)ARI (10)LAC (9)LAR (1)DAL (8)CAR (7)BAL (16)
31Off the Snyde R69CIN (15)DET (12)CHI (4)TEN (7)HOU (8)DEN (5)MIA (1)NE (9)ATL (2)PHI (14)ARI (3)LAC (10)SF (13)DAL (16)TB (11)BAL (6)
32Bengals Baby68CLE (8)DET (15)GB (9)JAC (7)HOU (1)LV (3)MIA (14)NYJ (2)NWO (4)PHI (10)SEA (5)KC (12)SF (13)DAL (11)TB (6)BAL (16)
33James Wooley67CLE (9)DET (2)GB (3)JAC (4)HOU (5)LV (6)MIA (7)NE (8)NWO (1)PHI (11)SEA (10)KC (15)SF (14)DAL (12)TB (13)BAL (16)
34Simon12365CIN (3)DET (4)CHI (5)JAC (6)HOU (1)LV (7)MIA (8)NE (9)NWO (10)PHI (11)SEA (12)KC (13)SF (14)DAL (15)CAR (16)BAL (2)
35nwaz61CIN (12)MIN (10)CHI (8)JAC (14)HOU (2)LV (11)MIA (6)NE (1)NWO (7)PHI (15)ARI (3)LAC (5)SF (13)DAL (16)TB (4)PIT (9)
36killer56CLE (1)DET (16)GB (4)JAC (9)IND (10)DEN (3)MIA (15)NYJ (6)NWO (11)PHI (8)SEA (5)LAC (14)SF (13)DAL (12)CAR (7)PIT (2)

* - Includes Thursday games
If your name is not in the standings, it is because we haven't received your entry fee yet or your score is zero.

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