2019 NFL Rank 'Em Pool

Week Seven Detailed Picks

RankTeam NamePointsPicks
1For the W81KC (9)LAR (10)BUF (12)JAC (8)MIN (5)GB (13)HOU (4)NYG (6)SF (11)TEN (3)NWO (2)BAL (1)DAL (7)NE (14)
 Cheeseman81KC (8)LAR (7)BUF (12)JAC (9)MIN (2)GB (13)HOU (3)ARI (4)SF (14)LAC (10)NWO (5)BAL (1)DAL (6)NE (11)
3Victorious Secrets80KC (6)LAR (10)BUF (14)JAC (3)DET (1)GB (11)IND (5)NYG (4)SF (13)TEN (2)NWO (9)SEA (8)DAL (7)NE (12)
4knight squared79KC (10)LAR (7)BUF (13)JAC (3)MIN (8)GB (12)HOU (6)ARI (4)SF (11)LAC (5)NWO (2)BAL (9)PHI (1)NE (14)
5A & C77KC (10)LAR (9)BUF (13)JAC (7)MIN (1)GB (11)IND (3)NYG (4)SF (12)LAC (2)NWO (5)SEA (8)DAL (6)NE (14)
6GangGreen75KC (14)LAR (9)BUF (10)JAC (8)MIN (6)GB (7)HOU (2)NYG (3)SF (11)TEN (4)NWO (5)SEA (12)DAL (1)NE (13)
7Aaron it Out74KC (7)LAR (9)BUF (12)JAC (10)MIN (5)GB (11)HOU (2)NYG (6)SF (13)LAC (8)NWO (3)SEA (1)DAL (4)NE (14)
 Douchey McDouchenips74DEN (4)LAR (11)BUF (14)JAC (10)DET (12)OAK (2)IND (8)ARI (7)SF (13)TEN (5)CHI (9)BAL (6)PHI (3)NYJ (1)
 Zimmy274KC (6)LAR (11)BUF (14)JAC (8)DET (3)GB (9)IND (2)ARI (7)SF (12)LAC (4)NWO (5)SEA (10)PHI (1)NE (13)
10killer72KC (14)LAR (5)BUF (11)CIN (2)MIN (1)GB (10)IND (9)NYG (8)SF (12)TEN (3)CHI (4)SEA (6)DAL (7)NE (13)
 Christie72KC (6)LAR (9)BUF (12)JAC (8)MIN (3)GB (11)IND (4)NYG (7)SF (13)TEN (1)CHI (2)SEA (10)DAL (5)NE (14)
12Joe Malone71KC (6)LAR (9)BUF (14)JAC (10)MIN (8)GB (11)IND (1)NYG (7)SF (12)LAC (2)CHI (5)SEA (4)PHI (3)NE (13)
 Darin Metcalf71KC (7)LAR (4)BUF (14)JAC (9)MIN (1)GB (11)IND (2)NYG (5)SF (12)TEN (3)CHI (6)SEA (10)DAL (8)NE (13)
 Robert Solmundson71KC (12)LAR (1)BUF (14)JAC (2)MIN (3)GB (11)HOU (7)ARI (4)SF (10)LAC (8)CHI (6)BAL (5)DAL (9)NE (13)
15Gerard Hoorne70KC (14)LAR (8)BUF (10)JAC (1)MIN (2)GB (11)IND (3)NYG (9)SF (12)TEN (4)CHI (7)SEA (6)DAL (5)NE (13)
 Cram it up your cramhole, La Fleur!70KC (5)LAR (10)BUF (14)JAC (9)DET (2)GB (11)HOU (1)NYG (3)SF (13)LAC (6)NWO (8)SEA (4)PHI (7)NE (12)
 Pdub70KC (10)LAR (7)BUF (13)JAC (6)DET (3)GB (12)IND (2)NYG (9)SF (14)TEN (1)CHI (4)SEA (8)DAL (5)NE (11)
18MATLOCK69KC (4)LAR (5)BUF (14)JAC (9)DET (1)GB (11)IND (2)NYG (6)SF (13)TEN (3)CHI (10)SEA (7)DAL (8)NE (12)
 Ronster69KC (7)LAR (5)BUF (13)JAC (10)MIN (6)GB (9)IND (4)NYG (8)SF (12)TEN (3)CHI (2)SEA (11)PHI (1)NE (14)
 Wizard of OZ69KC (7)LAR (9)BUF (13)JAC (11)MIN (1)GB (10)IND (2)NYG (8)SF (12)LAC (3)CHI (5)SEA (6)DAL (4)NE (14)
 wayne m69DEN (5)LAR (7)BUF (12)JAC (6)DET (3)GB (14)IND (8)NYG (2)SF (11)TEN (1)CHI (4)SEA (9)DAL (10)NE (13)
22Tammy68KC (3)LAR (10)BUF (12)JAC (9)DET (1)GB (8)IND (4)NYG (5)SF (13)LAC (6)NWO (2)SEA (11)DAL (7)NE (14)
 Rath68KC (6)LAR (9)BUF (11)JAC (10)DET (3)GB (4)IND (2)ARI (5)SF (13)LAC (12)NWO (8)SEA (7)PHI (1)NE (14)
 Glen Tosh68KC (10)LAR (6)BUF (14)CIN (1)MIN (7)GB (11)HOU (2)NYG (9)SF (12)TEN (3)CHI (8)SEA (4)DAL (5)NE (13)
25Tom Terrific 67KC (5)LAR (4)BUF (12)JAC (9)DET (6)GB (13)HOU (3)NYG (7)SF (14)LAC (1)NWO (2)SEA (10)DAL (8)NE (11)
26Dream Living65KC (10)LAR (7)BUF (14)JAC (6)DET (3)GB (8)HOU (4)NYG (9)SF (13)TEN (5)NWO (2)SEA (11)PHI (1)NE (12)
 iteng65DEN (3)LAR (12)BUF (9)JAC (8)DET (1)GB (11)HOU (7)NYG (10)SF (13)TEN (2)NWO (6)SEA (5)DAL (4)NE (14)
28Bassman64KC (5)LAR (6)BUF (12)CIN (3)MIN (1)GB (10)IND (2)NYG (9)SF (13)LAC (7)NWO (4)SEA (8)DAL (11)NE (14)
29Bathingsuit Model63DEN (3)LAR (5)BUF (14)CIN (6)MIN (4)GB (13)HOU (7)NYG (12)SF (8)LAC (2)NWO (9)SEA (11)DAL (10)NYJ (1)
30Kevin Williment62KC (10)LAR (11)BUF (14)JAC (8)MIN (3)OAK (1)HOU (2)ARI (4)SF (12)LAC (5)CHI (6)SEA (9)PHI (7)NE (13)
31No Luck61KC (14)LAR (1)BUF (12)JAC (7)DET (6)GB (11)IND (5)NYG (10)SF (8)TEN (3)CHI (4)SEA (13)PHI (2)NYJ (9)
 Polish Tornado 61KC (14)LAR (5)BUF (12)CIN (3)DET (4)GB (11)HOU (8)ARI (2)SF (7)LAC (9)CHI (1)SEA (6)DAL (10)NE (13)
 GoVikes61KC (13)LAR (5)BUF (14)JAC (6)DET (1)GB (10)IND (2)NYG (9)SF (11)LAC (3)CHI (7)SEA (8)PHI (4)NE (12)
34Jared Aubin60KC (12)LAR (10)BUF (14)CIN (1)MIN (7)OAK (2)HOU (9)NYG (3)SF (11)LAC (4)CHI (5)BAL (6)PHI (8)NE (13)
 Jill Hoorne60KC (4)LAR (12)BUF (13)JAC (9)DET (2)GB (6)HOU (7)NYG (1)SF (5)TEN (11)CHI (10)SEA (3)PHI (8)NE (14)
36dacl58DEN (2)LAR (1)BUF (14)JAC (6)MIN (5)GB (13)HOU (10)NYG (4)SF (9)TEN (3)CHI (8)SEA (12)DAL (7)NE (11)
 Flash Dem TDs58KC (4)LAR (11)BUF (12)JAC (8)DET (1)GB (3)HOU (2)NYG (5)SF (14)LAC (9)NWO (6)SEA (10)PHI (7)NE (13)
38Ray Finkle57KC (8)ATL (5)BUF (6)JAC (2)MIN (12)OAK (3)IND (10)NYG (4)SF (1)TEN (11)CHI (13)BAL (7)PHI (9)NE (14)
39BIG BEN56DEN (5)LAR (4)BUF (13)JAC (6)DET (8)GB (11)HOU (9)NYG (7)SF (10)LAC (3)CHI (1)SEA (2)DAL (12)NE (14)
 codyb56KC (7)LAR (10)BUF (13)CIN (4)MIN (3)GB (11)HOU (2)NYG (6)SF (12)LAC (8)CHI (5)SEA (9)PHI (1)NE (14)
 BriKor56DEN (1)LAR (10)BUF (14)JAC (9)DET (4)GB (11)HOU (3)NYG (8)SF (12)LAC (5)CHI (7)SEA (6)PHI (2)NE (13)
42Mama Bear is in the House!55DEN (3)ATL (2)BUF (14)CIN (1)DET (4)GB (11)IND (5)NYG (10)SF (12)TEN (6)CHI (9)SEA (8)DAL (7)NE (13)
 Zimmy55DEN (5)LAR (12)BUF (11)CIN (1)DET (2)GB (10)HOU (9)NYG (8)SF (13)LAC (4)CHI (7)BAL (6)DAL (3)NE (14)
44Jim Wooley54KC (5)LAR (6)BUF (14)JAC (4)DET (3)GB (11)IND (2)NYG (10)SF (12)LAC (1)CHI (7)SEA (8)PHI (9)NE (13)
45Gravy Train53KC (12)LAR (2)BUF (8)CIN (4)MIN (7)GB (11)HOU (3)NYG (1)SF (13)LAC (5)CHI (6)SEA (10)PHI (9)NE (14)
46francis tracy52KC (10)LAR (4)BUF (7)JAC (13)DET (12)GB (8)IND (9)NYG (2)SF (1)LAC (11)CHI (14)SEA (6)PHI (3)NE (5)
47Down! Set! What?24DEN (14)ATL (13)MIA (12)CIN (11)MIN (10)OAK (9)HOU (8)ARI (7)WSH (6)LAC (5)NWO (4)BAL (3)PHI (2)NYJ (1)

* - Includes Thursday games
If your name is not in the standings, it is because we haven't received your entry fee yet.

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