2020 NFL Rank 'Em Pool

Week Seventeen Detailed Picks

RankTeam NamePointsPicks
1pats for life131MIA (2)GB (6)BAL (16)PIT (3)MIN (8)IND (15)LAC (7)NE (9)NYG (4)WSH (5)TB (14)NWO (1)TEN (10)LV (11)LAR (12)SEA (13)
 BriKor131BUF (1)GB (12)BAL (16)CLE (14)MIN (8)IND (15)LAC (3)NE (4)DAL (5)WSH (9)TB (6)NWO (10)TEN (13)LV (7)LAR (2)SEA (11)
3dacl130BUF (11)GB (6)BAL (16)CLE (12)MIN (10)IND (15)KC (3)NYJ (2)NYG (4)WSH (7)TB (14)NWO (5)TEN (13)LV (9)ARI (1)SEA (8)
 Wizard of OZ130BUF (15)GB (13)BAL (16)CLE (2)MIN (12)IND (14)LAC (4)NE (8)DAL (6)WSH (3)TB (11)NWO (5)TEN (9)LV (7)LAR (1)SEA (10)
 Aaron it Out130BUF (5)GB (8)BAL (15)CLE (13)MIN (9)IND (16)LAC (10)NE (6)NYG (3)WSH (7)TB (11)CAR (2)TEN (12)DEN (4)LAR (1)SEA (14)
6Washington haSKINS129BUF (1)GB (11)BAL (16)CLE (12)MIN (10)IND (15)LAC (8)NE (5)DAL (3)WSH (6)TB (14)NWO (7)TEN (13)LV (2)ARI (4)SEA (9)
7Darin Metcalf128BUF (4)GB (8)BAL (15)CLE (14)MIN (10)IND (16)LAC (7)NYJ (1)DAL (2)WSH (3)TB (12)NWO (9)TEN (13)LV (6)ARI (5)SEA (11)
8Gerard Hoorne127BUF (12)GB (14)BAL (16)CLE (6)MIN (9)IND (7)KC (3)NE (5)DAL (4)WSH (1)TB (15)NWO (13)TEN (10)DEN (2)LAR (11)SEA (8)
9For the W124BUF (15)GB (14)BAL (16)CLE (12)MIN (11)IND (10)LAC (3)NE (1)DAL (8)WSH (5)TB (6)NWO (13)TEN (7)LV (2)ARI (4)SEA (9)
 Down! Set! What?124BUF (15)GB (9)BAL (16)CLE (14)MIN (7)IND (13)LAC (8)NYJ (6)DAL (1)PHI (2)TB (12)CAR (3)TEN (5)LV (4)LAR (11)SEA (10)
11Joe Malone123MIA (7)GB (13)BAL (15)CLE (12)MIN (2)IND (16)LAC (6)NE (3)DAL (5)WSH (9)TB (11)NWO (8)TEN (14)LV (4)ARI (1)SEA (10)
 Kraft's Massage Parlor123BUF (10)GB (13)BAL (16)CLE (9)MIN (2)IND (15)LAC (4)NE (3)DAL (7)WSH (5)TB (11)NWO (8)TEN (14)LV (1)ARI (6)SEA (12)
13Christie Way122BUF (1)GB (10)BAL (16)CLE (15)MIN (7)IND (14)LAC (5)NE (3)DAL (6)WSH (4)TB (12)NWO (11)TEN (13)LV (2)ARI (8)SEA (9)
 wayne mcconnell122BUF (7)GB (8)BAL (16)CLE (9)MIN (10)IND (15)KC (3)NE (2)DAL (6)WSH (1)TB (14)NWO (12)TEN (13)LV (4)ARI (5)SEA (11)
 Could Be Worse122BUF (7)GB (10)BAL (14)PIT (4)MIN (2)IND (13)KC (6)NE (8)DAL (3)WSH (9)TB (15)NWO (16)TEN (11)LV (5)ARI (1)SEA (12)
16RONSTER69121MIA (7)GB (15)BAL (16)CLE (13)MIN (12)IND (11)LAC (1)NE (10)NYG (9)WSH (8)TB (14)NWO (2)TEN (4)DEN (3)ARI (5)SEA (6)
17knight squared120BUF (5)GB (11)BAL (15)CLE (4)MIN (6)IND (13)KC (16)NE (3)NYG (7)WSH (1)TB (12)NWO (10)TEN (14)LV (9)LAR (2)SEA (8)
18Kevin Williment118MIA (4)GB (9)BAL (15)CLE (14)MIN (10)IND (16)LAC (13)NYJ (3)DAL (5)WSH (8)TB (11)NWO (12)TEN (1)LV (7)ARI (6)SEA (2)
 BIG BEN118BUF (6)GB (11)BAL (16)PIT (2)MIN (9)IND (15)KC (8)NYJ (1)DAL (7)WSH (5)TB (10)NWO (13)TEN (14)LV (4)LAR (3)SEA (12)
 Rob Solmundson118BUF (5)GB (13)BAL (16)CLE (6)MIN (12)IND (14)KC (4)NYJ (3)DAL (11)WSH (2)TB (10)NWO (7)TEN (1)LV (8)LAR (9)SEA (15)
21Dan Neufeld117BUF (9)GB (11)BAL (10)CLE (8)MIN (7)IND (16)KC (12)NYJ (1)DAL (2)WSH (3)TB (13)NWO (14)HOU (4)LV (5)LAR (6)SEA (15)
22teng114BUF (9)GB (8)BAL (15)CLE (7)MIN (1)IND (2)KC (16)NE (3)DAL (6)WSH (5)TB (14)NWO (4)TEN (13)LV (12)LAR (11)SEA (10)
23killer112BUF (9)GB (8)BAL (15)CLE (7)MIN (10)IND (16)KC (11)NYJ (2)DAL (5)WSH (1)TB (12)NWO (14)TEN (13)LV (3)ARI (6)SEA (4)
24MATLOCK106BUF (16)GB (15)BAL (14)CLE (1)DET (2)IND (7)KC (13)NE (6)DAL (5)WSH (4)TB (3)NWO (12)TEN (11)DEN (10)LAR (9)SEA (8)
25Full-Time105BUF (16)CHI (5)BAL (13)CLE (6)MIN (11)IND (2)KC (15)NE (9)NYG (1)WSH (10)TB (14)CAR (7)TEN (3)LV (8)ARI (4)SEA (12)
26Jim Wooley104BUF (16)GB (15)BAL (14)PIT (13)MIN (12)IND (11)KC (10)NE (9)NYG (8)PHI (7)TB (6)NWO (5)TEN (4)LV (3)ARI (2)SEA (1)
 Scott E104BUF (16)GB (15)BAL (14)CLE (13)DET (12)IND (11)KC (10)NE (9)NYG (8)PHI (7)TB (6)NWO (5)TEN (4)DEN (3)LAR (2)SEA (1)
 Eddy104MIA (7)GB (10)BAL (16)CLE (12)MIN (9)IND (15)LAC (1)NYJ (5)DAL (6)WSH (3)ATL (4)NWO (11)TEN (14)DEN (2)ARI (8)SEA (13)
 Dave Berg104BUF (11)GB (13)BAL (8)PIT (5)MIN (10)IND (16)KC (15)NE (9)DAL (4)PHI (7)TB (14)NWO (12)TEN (6)LV (3)ARI (1)SEA (2)
 Codyb104MIA (7)GB (13)BAL (15)CLE (14)DET (6)IND (16)LAC (11)NYJ (4)DAL (9)WSH (10)TB (12)CAR (3)HOU (1)LV (8)LAR (5)SF (2)
31Bass Master103BUF (16)CHI (1)BAL (15)CLE (7)DET (6)IND (14)KC (13)NE (5)NYG (2)PHI (3)TB (4)NWO (12)TEN (11)LV (8)ARI (10)SEA (9)
32Poop stain in me long johns101BUF (8)CHI (5)BAL (16)CLE (11)DET (7)IND (15)LAC (10)NYJ (6)NYG (2)PHI (3)ATL (1)NWO (14)TEN (13)DEN (9)ARI (4)SEA (12)
 Polish Tornado101BUF (7)CHI (2)BAL (15)CLE (14)MIN (10)IND (11)LAC (5)NYJ (1)DAL (9)WSH (6)TB (4)CAR (3)TEN (13)DEN (8)ARI (12)SEA (16)
34Ray Finkle100BUF (14)GB (11)BAL (12)PIT (13)MIN (3)IND (16)KC (15)NE (10)DAL (5)WSH (4)TB (9)NWO (6)TEN (7)DEN (2)ARI (1)SEA (8)
35ZIMMY1299BUF (6)CHI (9)BAL (16)CLE (14)DET (1)IND (15)LAC (7)NE (3)DAL (8)WSH (10)ATL (2)NWO (11)TEN (12)DEN (4)ARI (13)SEA (5)
36Gino Guarino98BUF (1)CHI (2)BAL (3)PIT (4)MIN (5)IND (6)KC (7)NE (8)NYG (9)PHI (10)TB (11)NWO (12)TEN (13)LV (14)ARI (15)SEA (16)
37Pdub97MIA (4)CHI (3)BAL (16)CLE (6)MIN (11)IND (14)LAC (1)NYJ (5)DAL (10)WSH (9)ATL (8)NWO (13)TEN (12)DEN (7)ARI (2)SEA (15)
38Jared Aubin96BUF (16)GB (3)BAL (14)CLE (15)DET (2)IND (13)LAC (12)NYJ (1)DAL (7)PHI (6)ATL (8)CAR (5)TEN (9)LV (4)ARI (11)SEA (10)
39Glen Tosh45MIA (13)CHI (11)CIN (12)CLE (14)MIN (7)JAC (8)KC (10)NE (1)NYG (2)PHI (3)TB (15)CAR (9)HOU (4)DEN (5)LAR (6)SF (16)
 Mama Bear45BUF (1)CHI (2)CIN (3)CLE (4)DET (5)IND (6)KC (7)NE (8)PHI (10)TB (11)CAR (12)HOU (13)DEN (14)LAR (15)SF (16)

* - Includes Thursday games
If your name is not in the standings, it is because we haven't received your entry fee yet.

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