2022 NFL Rank 'Em Pool

Week Fourteen - Thu Reverse Standings

RankTeam NamePoints
1Joe Auger1
4wayne m5
 Wizard of OZ5
9For the W7
 Overweight Sméagol 7
 Polish Tornado8
 NFC North Owner8
 Darin Metcalf9
 Joe Malone9
19Kevin Williment10
 Jared A10
 Ron Elke10
 Big Mac Szn10
 Gino Guarino10
 Bengals Fan10
28Robert Solmundson11
29Down! Set! What?13
 Big Ben13
 Don't Mess with Mama Bear13
 Wentz Upon a Time13
 Winnipeg Blue Bombers13
If your name is not in the standings, it is because we haven't received your entry fee yet, or your score is zero.

The reverse standings show the total of all WRONG picks for the week. The lower your score in these standings, the better. If a person isn't shown in the reverse standings, they don't have ANY games wrong.

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