Week Fourteen Standings

No data returned.
Rank Team Name Picks Correct Best Bets Picks (Black = Game Winner TBD, Green = Correct Pick, Red = Wrong Pick, Bold = Best Bet)
 The Brady Bitch00
 The Scotish Gunns00
 Tory Burch00
 Largent at Arms00
 Ray Rickburn00
 Mike Curtis00
 McGrady & Co00
 Huge T00
 Go Vikes00
 Baby Huey00
 mud fut dawg00
 Da Bears00
 Lil Scrapper00
 Los Pollos Hermanos00
 Kim's Double D's00
 40 Love00
 Tosh 2.000
 Robert Solmundson00
 Arthurs Alumni00
 Kevin Williment00
 Down! Set! What?00
 Mira Caper00
 Geoff Renouf00
 Joe Wabick00
 Rod Marcyniuk00
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