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Frequently Asked Questions

  • On the home page click the Make/View your picks link:

    You will be presented with a Login Page. Enter your userid and password. (These are the ones that were emailed to you previously) and press enter.

    You will be taken to a screen that looks like this:

    Make note of the heading on the page. It will tell you which week you are making your picks for. If you want to make picks for a different week, click on the week number you are interested in on the left-hand side menu.

    The entry form lists all the games for the week, with the point spread for each game. Beside each team is a radio button. Click the button beside the team you want to pick. If you want to make a game a Best Bet, click on the check box beside that game. Once you have all your picks in , click Submit.

    If there are any problems with your picks, you will get an error message. If everything is OK, you will get a confirmation screen showing all your picks and and if we know your email address, an email will be sent to you with your picks. You are done! The confirmation screen looks like this:

    IF YOU DON'T GET THE CONFIRMATION SCREEN, there is a problem and your picks probably didn't get registered. Go back and make your picks again. If you have any trouble, either email your picks to the pool administrators.

    The most important thing you need to know about entering your picks is this: ENTER YOUR PICKS EARLY!! If you wait until the last minute, it is almost guaranteed that there will be a problem with the web site, your computer, or both.

  • The entry deadline for each game is the kickoff time for THAT game. You can enter your picks for each game separately, and change them up to the kickoff time for that game! There is no special treatment for Thursday games and no early cutoff times for the London games!

  • If you have any doubt about whether or not or picks were entered properly, it is up to you to confirm that they were/weren't entered properly.

    You can ask the pool administrator to check for you.

    Or you can check your picks yourself by performing the same steps as when you make your picks:

    • Go to the home page.
    • Click "Make/View your picks".
    • Enter your userid/password if prompted. Click Login.
    • VERIFY YOU ARE VIEWING THE CORRECT WEEK! If not, click on the week you want to check on the left hand sidebar.
    • You will either see an entry form, or your picks will be listed. If you see the blank entry form, YOUR PICKS HAVE NOT BEEN SUBMITTED.
    • If you see your picks for the week, your picks were entered properly.

  • You can change your picks at any time up to kickoff time for that game.

  • On the home page there are three options for checking the standings:

    The names are fairly self-explanatory. Weekly standings shows the standings for the current week. Yearly standings shows the year-to-date standings and Weekly/Yearly standings shows a combination of the two. If you want to see standings for a different week, click on that week number on the left-hand menu.

  • The standings are updated as quickly as possible. Most Sundays that will be immediately following the end of every game. Occasionally it will take slightly longer to update the winners, but the site should be updated by lunchtime on Mondays/Tuesdays.

  • From time to time, you might receive one of the following error messages when accessing the website:

    Microsoft JET Database Engine error '80004005' Cannot open database ''. It may not be a database that your application recognizes, or the file may be corrupt.

    HTTP 500 - Internal Server Error

    This is usually a temporary problem. Don't ask me why, but when this happens the following sequence of steps seems to work:

    • Start another instance of your browser (Start-->Programs-->etc. etc.)
    • Go to the pool site and go to the same page that gave you the error.
    • If you don't get the error again, then you're OK, carry on.
    • You probably WILL get the error again. Close down both instances of your browser.
    • Fire up your browser again.
    • Go back to the pool site and try again. It should work.

    The above steps usually get around the problem. If you don't feel like messing around with this stuff, do the easy thing -- email your picks to us.
    There have been some reports of people submitting their picks but not receiving the "Confirmation" screen. If this happens to you, go back and make your picks again. If you don't get the confirmation screen, your picks did not get submitted properly. If the server "hiccups" between the time you enter your userid/password, and the time you click "Submit Picks", the web site "forgets" who you are, and you will have to log in again.

  • So you left it til the last minute, eh? Well, if you're REALLY in a jam, you can email your picks to the pool administrator. If you are having technical issues and that's not a possibility, phone in your picks to 204.896.7526. The same deadlines apply, so don't phone on Monday morning!!!

  • The local date and time that is printed on the Enter Picks screen is based on the clock setting on your PC. Correct your system clock. Note that the cutoff time for weekly entries is based on the time on the remote web server, not on your PC, so even if your clock is wrong, that won't effect your ability to enter your picks.

  • Your email address is sacred and we will treat it with respect. We will only use it to communicate with you about the pool. We will never give it out to anyone.

  • Don't see your question here? Send us an email.